akAlbum 1.3.2 (11.05.2005)

Creates collection of media files with comfortable shell


Feel free to download, copy and use it.


There are tree programs in this package: akAlbum, akAlbumMaker and akAlbumInstaller.

akAlbum is an utility to playback albums, made with akAlbumMaker. It can play any standard Windows multimedia files. The program needs an album - collection of files (it is created with a kAlbumMaker). You can assemble playlists of files from the album, the playlists will be stored automatically between run sessions. The program can be controlled with mouse or hotkeys. System-tray support is provided as well.

With akAlbumMaker you can specify files to include into album, set album's name, icon, comment etc. and when write all files (media and that will be created by akAlbumMaker) to CD (using any CD writer program). After that you will have a complete multimedia CD - you can use it by your own, give it to your friends or distribute it worldwide. The CD will have auto run feature and shell for playback the files on Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP.